Producer Royalties NEW ARTICLE

Ask Bernie the Attorney: Producer Royalties?

PMP Question
On you're next PMP article, could you discuss publishing as it pertains to a producer? From what I understand publishing income and backend royalties are not the same, is this correct?

Can Chords be copyrighted? NEW ARTICLE

Ask Bernie the Attorney: Can Chords be Copyrighted?

PMP Question
It is my understanding that producers can copyright their material, including their melodies, but not their chords (i.e. chord progressions)? Is this true? In addition, does this apply to broken chords?

For the Love of Music

Read the Article on Bernie: "For the Love of Music"While growing up in New York City, Bernie Lawrence-Watkins entertained dreams of being in the music industry, even though her parents had the more tangible goal of college in mind.

  Ballin with the Big Boys
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2007 MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving

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  Read the Article on Bernie:"7 questions" The world of entertainment is often publicized for the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity on center stage, viewed by millions throughout the world. However, what goes on behind the scenes is often overlooked. Including the legal aspect.
  Read the Article on Bernie:"Who's Who" Bernie Lawrence Watkins specializes in the area of transactional entertainment law. Additionally, she provides consultation to small businesses relating to legal information, corporate law and government-related programs/contracting.
  IN RED LINE_pages 14 &15
  Read the Article on Bernie:"IN RED LINE "In consideration of the rights granted to Artist and all services to be rendered by Producer in connection with the Master, and conditioned upon your and Producer's full performance of all of the material terms and conditions of this Agreement, you shall be entitled to be paid royalties as follows:
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  Ask Bernie the Attorney: Question and Answer about the ORPHAN WORKS BILL. "The Orphan Works Bill governs original works that belong to owners who are difficult to locate or identify. "
  Ask Bernie the Attorney: Question and Answer about Copyright & Samples. Before I upload my instrumentals to the track dump, I would first like to have my instrumentals copyrighted. If I have samples in my instrumentals can they still be copyrighted? Or do I need to remove the samples from my instrumentals before I submit my SR Form to the Library of Congress?


PMP Question
Do you think it's necessarily to trademark the nickname, alias the artist name? And, if so, how can I do this? Second question: when I want to copyright my songs on the form SR, am I able to put all my songs which I already did on one form, or one per form? And do I have to or should I always copyright new songs, because it would get pretty expensive to copyright new songs all the time. Any tips? That'll be great.

  Read about Bernie in the PMP Worldwide Interview."Music has always been a passion of mine. I love music and I love working with people that are involved in making music, people that are creative and want to pursue music as a career. When I was young I knew I was going to be involved in music. As I got older I made the decision to go to law school because I wanted to help people and be of assistance to those that love music but didn't understand the rights that were involved."-Bernie Lawrence Watkins
  Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive

Ask Bernie the Attorney: Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive

PMP Question
Hello Bernie, I recently received an offer from an independent artist to license one of my tracks to him for label demo purposes. He asked if I could provide a non-exclusive agreement. In regards to produced music can you elaborate on the major differences (advantages and disadvantages) between exclusive vs. non-exclusive agreements?


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